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SEO services imageSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of positioning your website to rank highly on search results pages for the most relevant keyword searches. SEO has the best long-term return on investment because once your site ranks for important keywords you do not pay for each additional visitor to your site.

This doesn’t mean SEO services are free. For most competitive keywords there are a number of ongoing actions you must take to achieve good rankings and hold them for the long run. Contact us for a Free Report to see how your website stacks up!

The Basics of SEO

  • Add content on your website that includes your target keywords.
  • Continue to add original content as often as possible.
  • Get other sites to link to your site. Each link to your website counts as a vote.
  • Not all links are equal but in general the more the better.

While the tactics are simple, execution is often grueling. If you don’t keep up with your program, you’ll never see the results you want. Sagemont has teams of writers and link builders who have the expertise and discipline to keep your campaign running day after day and month after month.

Our System Tracks Everything

The entire process is tracked in our SEO reporting tool and reports can be automatically sent to you. You’ll have full access to the content we write, links that we build as well as detailed tracking of SEO rankings from start to finish.

If you are considering SEO services for your buiness, we recommend starting with a website evaluation and consultation. There is no obligation and you will learn how you compare to your competitors.

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