graphic design books

Why read graphic design books

Graphic design is a life long pursuit. Thankfully, I am a life long learner who enjoys experimenting with the latest techniques. My best ideas come from studying published designs and reading graphic design books and magazines. I especially like “Before & After” magazine. I just discovered several books by Robin Williams. Photoshop magazine is a constant source of new techniques and practice for everyday applications.

After reading and experimenting with these ideas, analyze what you like or dislike. Collect your favorite ideas in a folder or pin them on Pinterest. This is great preplanning for your client’s next big project.

Put graphic design books and magazines on your wish list. Happy reading!


10 tips for effective postcards!

  1. A strong headline to grab your customer’s attention.
  2. A compelling offer that clearly defines your marketing goal and motivates your customers to action.
  3. Memorable photos or illustrations that support your text.
  4. Good graphic design that moves your eye to all the key points.
  5. Your company logo.
  6. Your contact information clearly displayed, and a map if  appropriate.
  7. Readable type that is not too small.
  8. Appropriate postal sizes for cost effective mailing.
  9. Reserved spaces for postal addresses and barcodes if needed.
  10. Method to track and measure for optimum results.
cave art

Is graphic design the same as art?

What came first: graphic design or art? Graphic design is the art of combining text and pictures… in advertising, magazines, books or even on cave walls. Art is the expression of human creative skill used to produce works for beauty or emotional power. Art can stand alone and uses the same principles of design to create an emotional piece of art, but without emotional power graphic design is ineffective.