How do you judge good advertising?

According to Harvard Business Review you can judge good advertising on these criteria. It is sound advise that I would like to share.

1. Originality
An original ad has elements that are surprising. To assess originality ask yourself these questions: Is the ad out of the ordinary? Does it depart from stereotypical thinking? Does it have 
unique elements?

2. Flexibility
Flexibility is seen as the ability to link a product to a range of different uses. To assess flexibility consider these questions: Does the ad contain ideas that move from the reader from one subject to another? 
 Does it contain different ideas? 
Does it move the reader from one idea to another?

3. Elaboration
Many ads are creative because they contain unexpected details or extend basic ideas so they become more intricate. Consider these these questions: Does the ad contain numerous details? 
Does it take basic ideas and make them more complex? 
Does it contain more details than expected?

4. Synthesis
An ad that is creative along this dimension blends normally unrelated objects or ideas. To assess synthesis ask the following:
 Does the ad connect objects that are usually unrelated? 
Does it contain unusual connections? 
Does it bring together unusual items?

5. Artistic Value
Ads with a high level of artistic creativity contain aesthetically appealing verbal, visual or sound elements. The production quality is high, the dialog is clever, the color palette is original, and/or the choice of music is memorable. To assess artistic value ask consider these questions: Is the ad visually or verbally distinctive? 
Does it ideas come to life graphically or verbally? 
Is the production filled with creative elements?